Universal Traffic Control

what we do

The team at Universal Traffic Control (UTC) works alongside our other companies and outside contractors to provide traffic control services to improve safety precautions during construction or events.

UTC has made safety our number one concern. With a commitment to customer service, efficiency, and trust, we aim to provide stress-free services no matter the job. We’ll take care of all your traffic control needs, from certified flaggers to message boards and barriers.


Certified Traffic Control Supervisors & Flaggers

We offer certified traffic control supervisors and flaggers for any occasion, whether it be an event or construction process. 

Work Zone Traffic Control

If your work zone is affecting traffic, our certified supervisors and consulting team will help ensure a safe work environment for your workers and pedestrians.

Portable Message Boards

Our team owns Portable Message Boards which can be used for traffic control at your next project or event.

Speed Display Trailers

Speed Display Trailers and Radar Trailers will track the speed of oncoming traffic, helping to enforce safe travel particularly through construction zones or potentially dangerous stretches of road. 

Portable Traffic Control Signs

Universal Traffic Control has a large variety of portable traffic control signs available to us, helping ensure a safe construction project. 

Portable Concrete Barriers

Portable concrete barriers are a common logistical need for road construction. Concrete barriers are an effective way of protecting vehicles and pedestrians from work zone hazards.

Pedestrian Barricades

During your construction projects, keeping pedestrians out of harm’s way should be top priority. Pedestrian barricades from Universal Traffic Control can help to secure your work environment.

Temporary Pedestrian Ramps

Accessibility is important to consider during construction areas where pedestrians are allowed. Our temporary pedestrian ramps are portable and durable, able to withstand harsh weather and be safe for walking or wheelchairs.


Who We Serve

Universal Traffic Control helps businesses and government organizations maintain a safe and efficient work environment. Our rapidly growing company works on thousands of job sites a year, and has developed into a leader in the Traffic Control industry.

We own a large inventory of signage, barriers, and equipment while employeeing a complete staff of certified flaggers and supervisors. Most of our jobs are centered in the five state area of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Our team consists of project managers, supervisors, certified flaggers, and laborers.

UTC is a trusted a leader in the traffic control industry. Headquartered in Minnesota, we complete thousands of projects every year for internal and external organizations.

Universal Traffic Control is headquartered in Minnesota. We currently work on thousands of job sites every year, consisting of partnerships with Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, small private entities, and internal projects with Universal Services. We offer a complete array of traffic control services to fit the needs of any project. 

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